This is Common Cup (a name I’ve made up) because apparently the true traditional pimm’s should be topped with champagne. In reality, this is what you’re much more likely to find in pubs in the summer.


50 Ml Pimm's liqueur (This is the Gin-based fusion of this "fruit cup" liquor. There is also Plymouth Fruit Cup.)

200 Ml fizzy lemonade (British lemonade is clear lemon soda. Outside of the UK I've found a french soda called clear limona)


1 Lemon slice

1 Slice orange

1 Slice apple

1 Slice cucumber

1 Sprig of fresh mint

1 Sprig borage (a cucumber flavoured herb. You can use this instead of cucumber)

0 Ice


Fill a Collins or Highball glass with ice.

Add your chosen garnishes. You can use all or a combination of the ones listed. My personal combination is lemon, orange, mint and cucumber (Or lemon, orange, mint and borage).

Pour the Pimm's into the glass.

Gently pour the fizzy lemonade into the glass by pouring down the inside of the glass while tilting the glass.

Stir gently with a swizzle stick if desired and Enjoy!